Does Race Biologically Exist

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The concept of “race” has always been a big issue in this day and age, many people believe that this an actual biological concept and that the majority of us are born with “race”. This has mostly been a western society concept since the 1500s. This has led us to shape our idea as to what “race” really is. Race is defined by many people as a biological factor that divides and groups people together according to mostly their physical features like skin color, eye shape, nose shape, type of hair, etc. Many biologist have argued that “race” does not biologically exist, and it is only a concept made but by stuck up angry white men. If humans were actually so different and had to be classified in different “races”, then we would not be able to reproduce…show more content…
During those voyages, they encountered natives of the land they started to colonize. They could obviously tell that they were “different”, from the height difference, to the most notable different shade of skin the natives had. When one is presented with something they do not know, we usually start to compare it with one’s own culture, traditions, or “race”. Ethnocentrism is the idea that one’s culture or another culture is better than another. People become biased because what they experience every day is normal to them, may not be that normal to other people. After colonization is well stabilized, England established a system of indentured servitude, both Africans and Europeans were the norm for this service. After Bacon’s Rebellion in the mid-1670s, many African servants were seen less and less as servants but more like slaves. They did not get to leave after serving their time of indenture like their white counterparts. They were seen as property, and could not be set free. This meant free labor, and there was not punishment for that if you owned slaves, rather than indentured servants. This kind of mentality held strong until President Lincolns Gettysburg address in November 19, 1863. After the address, malicious feelings festered, “How dare they not appreciate the service we did them in feeding them, clothing them, and giving them a roof over their heads for free?!” ¬this feeling was harbored for decades and decades and it unfortunately holds strong
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