Does Rap Music Put People At Risk Essay

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“Teens who spend more time watching the sex and violence depicted in… rap music videos are more likely to practice these behaviors in real life..” says Sid Kirchheimer in “Does Rap Put Teens at Risk?”. There has been a great deal of controversy over whether or not rap music is harmful. Some say that gangster music will put teens (children, adults, etc.) at risk of doing destructive activities featured in the music videos, while on the other hand, some say that hip-hop music can help people with mental illnesses and depression in a positive way. Rap music puts people at risk because of the disastrous activities it leads people to do and the future generations to come.
Rap music puts many people including teens, children, and adults in destructive
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In the article “Hip-hop could help with depression and mental illness, says Cambridge University”, “The team points said the technique is similar to the process of ‘positive visual imagery’ which is being investigated by the University of Oxford”. Rap music may help struggling patients battling with mental illnesses in some ways, but shouldn't it be considered that gangster music contains unnecessary profanities and many other unnecessary topics such as gun violence, getting high on drugs, and being arrested? That would only inspire those patients to do these activities thinking that they would achieve something great out of it. Although supporters say that “Much of hip-hop comes from areas of great socio economic deprivation, so it’s inevitable that its lyrics reflect the issues faced by people brought in these areas…”, so that lower class citizens could relate to them. But instead of showing them hope, gangster music represents how to act inappropriately in these stages. And also, it may be an “inspiration” to some mentally ill people, but to all those innocent minded children who have come to listening to these, their minds are destructed with disturbing thoughts featured in the music videos. There are more negatives than there are positives in rap

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