Argumentative Essay: Does Religion Contradict Science?

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Does religion contradict science?

In this world filled with scientific discoveries and Christian views, there is always a tension with fundamental Christians who completely reject science and hold on to Bible as facts.
In this paper I am going to explore the statement “Science and the bible contradict each other, Christians must believe in the Bible and reject science” and come to a conclusion accordingly.

Religion and Science are the two primary authentic sources for man's direction. Both of them have the most impact on all parts of man's life yet a few times on a few issues, there appear to be issues and conflicts that need to draw our consideration. Religion has a few definitions, however as we comprehend the term, it suggests a relationship not only between men, but rather additionally amongst man and some ethical forces that incorporates
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In this case the Bible does not give a detailed explanation about how the world was created but only talks about who created the worlds, on the other hand science explains how old the earth is and how it was made. Like Augustine says that the two books of God cannot contradict each other, which means that conflicts arise when any of these Books are interpreted wrong.
Conflict arise only if one has a presupposition that science is false, but making science and theology interact with each other through dialogue will shed some light on the truths that they claim.
These two books are meant to answer different questions and it isn’t fair to impose and scientific question on the Bible because the Bible was not meant to answer the mechanical functions of the natural world but the Bible gives a purpose for life and talks about the cause of life.
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