Does Shakespeare Use Personification In Lady Macbeth's Soliloquy

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Lady Macbeth’ s soliloquy: Act 1, scene 5

Lady macbeth’s soliloquy opens up all the atrocious things that will take place throughout the play, particularly the death of King Duncan and all the other murmurs that follow. It also reveals lady macbeth’s nefarious nature.

In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses numerous literary devices. In lady macbeth’s soliloquy, he uses personification in her speech in which lady Macbeth claims her “ keen knife see not the wound it makes” giving it human quality in order to convince herself to go trough the murder of King Duncan and make sure that not even her knife won't see the murder occur.

Personification is used again when lady Macbeth finds out Duncan is coming to her house , stating “the raven himself
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