Does Snow White And The Seven Dwarw Analysis

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This article is based on Walt Disney and his creative work on some of the greatest stories out there that he took and made into one of the greatest Disney movies. In the beginning, the article speaks about how Walt wanted to do a feature length film because of the economics and the aesthetic interest. It was because of the great depression that the film creators were forced into the work of feature-length films in order to survive. This was the very first feature length film of time. The three questions I have posed after reading the article are, Does Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs accurately reflect the social norms of women? The next question is, why do you think there were no female Dwarfs? Would this have changed anything in the story?…show more content…
Snow White was important to Walt Disney because of an earlier childhood memory where he and a newspaper colleague were invited to see a special screening that was silent but it made Walt think. The play was very close to the Brother’s Grimm version of Snow White and although many aspects of their version played out in the Walt’s film there were some things that he decided to take out. I never realized that Snow White was the very first feature film to be released so I thought that information was great to have in this article. The best part about this article is it has a great comparison of the film by Walt Disney and tale by the Grimm brother’s. It highlights important moments that each fairytale has and how it they are different and even why Walt Disney decided to take certain parts out. I thought that this part of the article was done well, it explained why Walt Disney wanted to proceed with Snow White and why it was sentimental to…show more content…
The two basically had the same plot; however, the characters were developed in different ways when it came to Disney. The opening scene for Disney did not have as much background for Snow White. In the Grimm’s version, there is some detail about Snow White’s father and how he remarried a vain stepmother who is not fond of her (Inge, 2004). The stepmother is evil in both stories and has a magic mirror that is able to tell her who the fairest maiden in the land is. In the Disney version, the mirror is given a male persona. This makes sense in the American culture, because having a man’s perspective on beauty is what most women back then looked for. In the Brothers Grimm’s version, Snow White matures at the age of 7, which is fairly young. So when Disney retold the story, the age was moved up to fourteen years old or that is the age that is assumed since when he looked for someone to do the voice he specifically looked for a fourteen year old. This made more sense since the story had a very big romantic love story. In Brothers Grimm, the huntsman is called upon when the magic mirror mentions that The Queen is no longer the fairest in the land. She wants the huntsman to take Snow White to the woods and kill her and bring back her
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