Does Social Media Positive Impact On Society

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Does social media have a positive impact on society Social media, a form of electronic communication channel which is useful for sharing information, pictures, personal texts, ideas, is one of the most popular technologies today. However, in recent years, the question of whether social media is a positive or negative trend has been raised. Although some people argue that social media has a negative impact on society, I believe that social media is beneficial for society in a number of ways. Firstly, social media makes communication a lot easier than before. In the past, most people used phones and letters for communicating with others; they were not an effective way of communication because they were time consuming and not instant. Today, however, …show more content…

While television and newspapers are often used to advertise products, these are costly. Social media is a cheaper and easier way to increase marketability. Evidence shows that it costs approximately $2.50 on social media for informing upto 1000 people compared to television, which can range for $28 (Cost Per Thousand Impression 2016). As a result, many business owners choose to advertise on social networking sites. According to Smith (2017), Facebook advertising is used by 2 million business for boosting their products and services worldwide. In addition, people can promote their small businesses by social media. According to Collier, 82% of small businesses promote their products by social media (2016). Furthermore, the advertising on social media is more effective because there are more details of the products; Therefore customers are aware about brand and can become loyal to the products. For instance, 81% customers are aware about brand by social networking sites (Smith 2017). Overall, because of social media, many users have become aware about new products as a result, increases sales and business

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