Does Steinbeck Make Lennie A Sympathetic Character

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This essay is about The book Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. The story is about two men, George and Lennie, who get a new job at a ranch, and how they go about their lives there, taking place in the early 1900s. I think that the author was successful in making Lennie a sympathetic Character. One of my reasons is that he likes things that are soft, and he tries to pick them up whenever he finds them. For example, In the first chapter, Lennie found a dead mouse on the side of the road, and put it in his pocket. Later in the the book, he talked excitedly about how he could tend to a bunch of rabbits, once they got their own farm. A final example is how he wanted to stay with all the newborn pups in the barn, and just pet them for the rest
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