Why Do People Depend On Technology

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Nowadays, people always depend on technology because technology can make their life become easier. What is technology? Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. But, there are so many people that believe technology can affect the human`s creativity and social interaction if there are depend on technology so much. There are few reason why the technology can affect human`s creativity and social interaction. Firstly, there`s a lot of people that lives in big city let the technology become part of themselves because they cannot live without technology anymore. Everyday, they will use the technology to do their work because they are so lazy, even a small cup of…show more content…
The ninety – nine percents of people just waste their energy and time on technology. As human, we must think on how to improve the world to a better place by using our own creativity to invent a new thing that are friendly to our earth because there are some technology that can harm our earth such as the technology that being used in the industry. However, the communication of people towards each other also can be affected by technology. The best example of technology that can affect people` social interaction are smartphone. The increasing use of smartphone makes a growing number of people to become addicted to smartphones and losing their human interaction. When we spend a lot of time with our smarthphone, we will be lack of real world interaction due to talking through smartphones is greatly different from face to face contact. People can express their feeling through smartphone by using the emotional communication tools but, people cannot express their feeling when talking to the people in real world because they always use a smartphone to express their feelings and they will feel shy to show their true feeling towards someone they know as even a smile also they cannot
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