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Does tech make it easier to be healthy?
The debate rages on about the impact technology is having on our lives. In recent years, advances in technology have revolutionized the way we live, and almost everybody is now living in the internet age, where social media is a new identity and virtual currencies are threatening to overthrow traditional money. Perhaps, the greatest concern over the unprecedented growth and development of technology has been the effect on our health. The fundamental question is this? Does technology make it easier for us to be healthy?
There are many sides to this argument, and some people are in support while others are against technology.
However, this piece will dwell more on the argument that supports the notion
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From tips on how to eat healthily, workouts for maintaining fitness, natural remedies to combat different ailments, to information about living, the internet is full of benefits for the person who wants to live a happy and healthy life.
Despite its many benefits, technology has its own devils. The most prominent among the ills of technology is the rise of social media and the attendant deterioration of social engagement among populations all over the world. The commoditization of the smartphone has further entrenched this trend, and many young people find it difficult to carry on decent conversations with their peers without resorting to their smartphones. This behavior is anathema to the society, breaks down relationships, and causes isolation, which can lead to many psychological problems. To state it simply, technology in the form of mobile devices has caused an addiction of global proportions where people can’t live without their phones, and all hell will be let loose if a person is separated from his phone for a few days.
In summary, technology has made our lives easier and improved our health with many of its products. However, it has also resulted in many negatives in the world. But there is always two sides to everything. The one we give more attention ultimately
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