Essay On Does Technology Make Us Alone

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Does technology make us more alone? “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow” (Teller, 2003). Nowadays, the number of using technology has increased. For example, an American study shows that there are above 4 billion smart phones are used and around 3 million devices are sold daily. (2010, July 2nd). Some studies have found that even with being more active on social media there are people feel more alone than ever. Shockingly, the studies showed that most people who are active on social media they are under the age of 35 and they are who feel lonely. (Warrell, 2012). So, spending a lot of time using smart devices keeps the users away from the real world and puts them on a fake world. Also, those people they might lose some friends for the reason that they do not care about them or giving them some of their time. The weakness of people relations between each other, lack of conversations and internet addiction are the main reasons that let the technology make us alone. Firstly, technology created a big gap in relations at the family or social level. Nowadays, people prefer to chat with their friends instead of meeting them and talk to them. So, they start losing friends while they are making a new friendship on the net. For example, now friends when they met,…show more content…
So, we can be carful while using it. For example, we can increase the awareness at schools, we can make a new activates that can attack people to come and be a way from their smart devices for some time and parents can give their children a short time to discuss and talk about what happened with them during the day. Also, teachers can give students some homework that let them put efforts to do it without using the technology, that will make them learn better because they might did a work with a group and put some efforts. So, they will not forget how they did the work and they will not forget the information that they
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