Does Temperature Cause Convection Currents

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I think the difference in temperature can cause convection currents, because like the lava lamp the more hot something is the more dense it becomes then it rises to the top, the more cool something gets the less dense it becomes and it sinks to the bottom. So when plate tectonics go through a convergent boundary it slides under the crust it then has a current, which is caused from convection. Which then spreads. Then it heats up, and rises to the top. Once it 's at the top it cools down and becomes less dense then this process is repeated. An example of this is in a lava lamp, once the lava on the bottom of the lava lamp heats up it becomes more dense and rises to the top where there 's less heat, then they 're it cools down and sinks to the bottom this.…show more content…
Process happens over and over again to create the soothing satisfying effect of a lava lamp that we keep in our bedroom. like this cool room decor decoration, tectonic plates do the exact same thing. Except the heat from the mantle causes convection currents which is all a cycle. Relating back to the claim, Does temperature does cause convection currents, without it doing that that it wouldn 't be a cycle, so since heat is a form of temperature. Temperature does cause convection currents. Another example of convection currents is when we put two types of colored water in a vial, opened the cap of the vial and saw how it rose to the top. When we tested it with hot water it went straight up like a volcano, and settled at the top not mixing in with the regular temperature water
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