Does Texting Affect Writing By Michaela Cullett Summary

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Communicating with others via texting is as common as eating breakfast in the morning. It has become almost second nature for many to just text friends, family etc. This convenient form of communication created in the 1990’s and popularized in the 2000’s has helped deliver messages and have conversations with almost anyone in the world. However, some are starting to believe its overwhelming popularity is starting to affect younger generation’s writing; specifically formal writing. Michaela Cullington in Does Texting Affect Writing? Believes texting’s effect on writing is small. I disagree with Michaela Cullington’s view that texting is not influencing students writing because, as recent research has shown, it confuses students on their intended…show more content…
This is a result of texting’s informal nature. While texting, there is no need for sentence structure, punctuation, or interesting words or phrases. The chances of seeing a metaphor in a text message are slim to none. In the database article We learn what we do: developing a repertoire of writing practices in an instant messaging world: students can be proficient in instant messaging as well as in the writing expected in school, the girl they conduct an experiment on is “A creative writing major… Lisa’s family also supported her writing development. Both parents are professionals with advanced degrees.” The experiment showed little to no affect on writing. However, what if you didn’t have the benefits this girl had? What if you struggled in writing and grammar all your life, with no one to help guide you? Frequent text message users such as me have help at home and can still forget the spelling of a word, or forget where you want the sentence to go. The difference between a complex sentence and a run-on sentence can easily be confused. The frequency of writing to an informal audience gives you something you are used to, and can result in forgetting how to clearly write your
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