Does Texting Affect Writing By Michaela Cullington

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Michaela Cullington was a former student at University in Pennsylvania when she wrote the essay of “Does Texting Affect Writing?” Have you ever thought if texting truly effects our writing style when it comes to college levels? Cullington did research of her own from different people group asking this question. Her thesis sentence was “IT TAKES OVER OUR LIVES” (…). The way that she capitalized all the letters is something that can engage the reader and the curiosity of knowing what is taking our lives? It is essential to captures the reader 's interest and this will be done by finding how to well write a thesis sentence that will want the readers to keep reading and find out more about the thesis. In “Does Texting Affect Writing?”, Cullington used voice markers to demonstrate what others had to say about texting. For the reader, the voice markers help to integrate quotes of what others stated connecting it back to the argument. This made the text run smoothly for the reader and not lose focus. “To avoid confusion in your own writing, make sure that at every point your reader can clearly tell who is saying what” (71). The importance…show more content…
Cullington after summarizing her research and having said both sides of opinions about texting affecting writing, she used the results as evidence of why Cullington disagreed that texting has no effect in writing. “On the basis of my own research, experts research, and personal observations, I can confidently state that texting is not interfering with student’s use of standards written English…” (Cullington 370). As you can see she used the strategy of disagreeing but with an explanation and summarized what her discoveries were. Cullington also agreed that texting is used on an everyday basis and at every moment that is possible. To agree to this Cullington included her own personal experience as a reference that texting effectively is used anywhere at any
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