Does Texting Affect Writing Michaela Cullington Analysis

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In her essay "Does Texting Affect Writing?", Michaela Cullington presents her argument that texting does not impact formal writing written by students. She discusses the concerns presented by many people about how texting language can transfer into writing, but through the use of personal experiences and credible sources she discusses how this is not true. Her use of multiple different studies and situations help boost her argument and allow the reader to truly see how students actually do formal writing. She presents a strong argument as to why those who believe students don't have the control and knowledge to write formally, instead of with text speak, are wrong. Throughout her essay, Cullington uses mainly logos to form her argument. From…show more content…
This allows the audience to know that she can relate to the situation. Most everyone texts and it can be easy to allow such language to bleed over into any type of formal writing. She, however, believes that people have enough common sense and control and that most people don't allow themselves to use such language in their final drafts of their formal writings. Despite establishing her credibility and strong use of logos, she does, however, lack in pathos. She fails at truly connecting with the reader on a more personal and emotional level. Cullington's essay is more of a report style essay. She discusses the issue, elaborates on research and studies, then establishes her conclusion. This doesn't allow her much room to actually find the emotional connection needed to form a strong pathos argument. The most she comes to a pathological connection is her relatability to the reader when she establishes herself as a texter (369). Otherwise, the essay is a well-written observational report that informs the reader on the topic at hand and presents an intriguing
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