Does The Alchemist Affect A Person's Life Journey?

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Different people learn different things in life depending on the path we take in life. Each path has its own properties some have more hardship than others and some have higher rewards than others.At the end of the journey each person has his or her unique identity. However if people stop in their journey due to the difficulties they were not told about then it can lead to the society being unstable. It could be seen in the story of the Alchemist, my personal experiences and this can also be seen from life events like Leicester city winning the Barclays premier league.

A person 's personality is highly dependent on the path he took in his life. If the Old King had told the boy about the difficulties he might have never gone to Egypt . “The Old King hadn 't said anything about being robbed, or about endless deserts….”, he could have been a completely different person if he would have never been there. He might have never learned how to
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James Vardy would be a great example.He is an English professional soccer player who plays for Premier League club Leicester City and the England national team.He helped the team win the Championship in 2014. In the 2015–16 Premier League season, he scored in eleven consecutive Premier League matches, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooy 's record, and was voted the Premier League Player of the Season and FWA Footballer of the Year as outsiders Leicester won the title. But before he was a soccer player he was a job as technician making medical splints and he played for small teams for money and he was not able to make a proper team until 2013. During that time he was about to give up a professional player. However since he didn 't give up in the journey of his life and he kept on going which ended him being voted as the best player of the year in BPL. His personality would have been a lot more different if he would have given up on his

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