Does The American Dream Still Prevail

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American Dream Does the American Dream still prevail? Do people still witness the American Dream being in progress from afar? If so, where is the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness from this land? The American Dream is a dream of land and life that is far better and richer for all people based on challenges they face and duties they accomplish. Mainly people thought that the dream was of motor cars and high wages, but clearly its a dream where both men and women can attain to their fullest potential of which they are innately capable of. It 's possible that families who are struggling can change for the better or for the worse to neither or encourage or discourage a better life for their children. If finance is a hefty issue, it 's still never too late to adjust your living where your family can be wealthy in health and living instead of money itsself. But with the economy descreasing day by day, people who believe in the American Dream are looking towards faith and fortitude because, in the end, money is where it all comes down too. Its how people live, survive, be wealthy....its how people become happy with life. Our families - parents importantly - along with ourselves indeed work jobs to provide food for our mouths and clothes for our backs. The world is a tough place to get by so easily however it…show more content…
It provides the chance for each person to make individual choices with the prior restrictions they were rooted too that limited them to very little success. There may even be a chance when the America Dream may change again but even so, the duties and responsibilities still carry on with the changes. Work hard, save and spend little, and hopefully send your children to recieve a better education and understanding of life so that they can do better than we ever could. From whenever the American Dream first still prevails 'til
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