Does The Internet Make Us Dumb By Nicholas Carr Analysis

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Does internet really make us dumb? Well the internet provides us amounts information that could be answer instantly. Each year, the internet brings something new and entertaining for our society to enjoy There are thousands of computer books available today that cover every subject imaginable, however when reading a book in print, the brain is much calmer and not buzzing around. An article “Does the internet Make you dumber?” Nicholas Carr is an American writer who has published books and articles on technology, business, and culture. He argues that a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the Net is turning us into scattered and superficial thinkers. I find my concerns with similar to Carr because although the internet has provided the public with an incredible amount of data that can be streamed very easily at our fingertips, this flood of data has changed on how poor we process information in the internet.

Our ability to focus on informations in the web could lead to memory loss in the near future. Carr stated, “Only when we pay deep attention to a new piece of information are we able to
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Carr stated, “People who read text studded with links, the studies show, comprehend less than those who read traditional linear text.” Carr explained the when reading on computer, our brain jumps round more, browsing, scanning keyword spotting, and non linear reading. Carr stated, “Whereas the Internet scatters our attention, the book focuses it. Unlike the screen, the page promotes contemplativeness.” I have an ebook account. An ebook is a website where people can buy online novels, textbook, or dictionary. What I like about the ebook is that there are many varieties of books. However, I never like how I could not focus on the screen, Every time I have to click to the next page. Looking at the screen is the worst because the bright light shining to my eyes is
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