Why Do Video Games Increase In People's Violence?

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People who play video games are often seen around in our daily lives, and this growing trend of those seem an ongoing increase. In the past, video games were often considered as a suitable method for spending leisure time, but nowadays, they have become part of our lives without any special distinction. In fact, in the United States, 97% of young people have experienced or have been enjoying video games, and they play video games a mean of approximately two hours a week (Flanagan, 2014). Although many individuals commonly think those are the cause of wasting time, and they worry about violence and the addition of video games, many researches and studies say that video game itself does not contribute to an increase in people’s violence. For…show more content…
In general, quite a lot people come up with the negative elements toward video games rather than positive things. According to Flanagan (2014), of course, video games can have pessimistic elements: “aggressive behavior” and “attention disorder”; yet, he focused on more optimistic factors: “abstract thinking”, “better decision-making”, “problem solving”, “logistical planning”, and “strategy and accuracy under duress”. He claims that, “as a video game designer, I can tell you these games can teach critical skill and offer social outlets. They can also promote positive values with conscientious designing” and “video games are far more than violent, and many can be as harmless as a toy gun” (Flanagan, 2014). As an illustration, violent inclinations are limited to some video games like a “Dungeons & Dragons” while “Pac –men” and several “digital games” are just normal, non- violence, and more positive (Flanagan, 2014). According to Wood’s article (1999), he also focused on people’s perception of video games, and the cognition was changed by a public awareness. For example, the event “the shooting in Littleton, Colo”, which caused a heated debate about the impact of video games to the adolescents. However, indeed, many individuals said that video games are not an immediate cause, and people worried about how to consume and utilize video games rather than the risk of itself (Wood, 1999). In short, the changed perception to video games lead to a new interpretation and worth; accordingly, people should not set one side of opinion with prejudice and should not judge video games with
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