Does Wealth Encourage Carelessness In The Great Gatsby

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Wealth is often described as happiness, the more you have the happier you will be. But wealth is often described as the thing that makes people careless too. Does wealth encourage carelessness?. Yes, wealth does encourage carelessness as we can see by the actions of Tom and Daisy in The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald. And also from my own experience on SJR. Tom Buchanan is the most careless person in The Great Gatsby. Tom Buchanan acquired his wealth from his ancestors which meant that he didn't have to do really much to get things he wanted because he had the money. Tom's first reckless action was having an affair with Myrtle while he is married to Daisy. He isn't only hurting Daisy by cheating on her but he is also hurting Myrtles feelings when he is with Daisy. Toms has the mindset of a person that thinks that money can get him everything which in a way it did (got a wife ) and that's what made him careless. Tom got Daisy by buying here luxurious stuff and Myrtle by him being in a upper class than her. In Myrtle's case, Tom is in an upper class and Myrtle is…show more content…
I think I wouldn't like if I attended a public school rather than a wealthy school. Even though wealth does encourage carelessness I still think it depends on the person you are. Comparing students from public school students to students from SJR I think that public school students are more careless but it really depends on how you were raised. The reason I think that I think that public school students are more careless is because students aren't as committed as SJR students are in studies which makes them in a way careless. Some people from SJR are careless too but I still think that there is a higher number of careless people in public schools than in SJR. Wealth does encourage carelessness but in SJR wealth doesn't seem to have an affect on how a person is. That's why I wouldn't really like to attend a school where there is less conspicuous
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