Dog Chew Feasibility Study

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Executive Summary The customer driven feasibility study report on dog chew is presented under six different headings. First section deals with the Macro level market assessment. The data from secondary sources relevant to number of customers, purchasing pattern of the customer, different types of relevant products available and the environmental trends are presented. Second section explains more details about the real picture from market based study. Customers job, pains and gains are presented. Section 3 deals with the macro level industry assessment where the relevance of Poter’s five forces are explained based on the company strategy. Micro level industry assessment is explained in section 4. It gives an idea about the organizational resources…show more content…
The proportion of premium brands has been increased on the shelves of grocery retailers and this is the direction in which the sales is going in present and in coming future. According to BARF a dog food company, higher levels of social media and mainstream media coverage will result even stronger growth of these products over the years to come. Micro level market assessment The micro level market assessment is performed by finding a segment based on the field survey where the customer can be offered with new product that has clear and crucial benefit , determining how large the segment is and its growth by consideration the possibility of entering into other segment in near future. These assessment is based on interviewing primary prospective customer and is as follow: Customer Job Chewing is a natural behavior for all dogs. They are extremely playful and explorative. Normal behavior for puppies to investigate their environment by sniffing, tasting and perhaps chewing on objects. Dogs that chew may also be scavenging for food, playing, teething, satisfying a natural urge to chew and gnaw, sometimes if because of anxiety or, receive attention. Thus, our customer are in search for the best way to make their pets(dogs) mentally and physically…show more content…
In order to fulfill our teams overall objective all the team members have shared vision to road test the opportunity considered by the team with full passion, conviction and tenacity. Critical success factor of the norwegian pet food industry is to provide premium products to the customer. Thus , our team offers a dog chew product that has similar quality as of human consumption. Our team is familiar with the supplier behaviour as well as customer behaviour. As we will have suppliers as the part of our stakeholders in a company, the relation with supply chain will be fruitful to operate the enterprise. Similarly, team members are quite familiar with the buying behaviour behaviour of the target customers. However, connectedness with the customers and the competitors is limited. Summary and Conclusion Increasing number of customers and the dog pets, and Norwegian citizens as the world’s higher spenders on pet food shows that their propensity for higher quality pet food remain high. Customers are always looking for healthy, organic and natural products in the premium market. In addition, team connectedness to the supply chain and buyers tendency towards natural, healthy and unique products always micro industry domain

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