Dog Court Narrative

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Dog court is real. When a dog commits a crime should it be set free or punished? You make the decision here in dog court.
A suspicious van pulled up, not a typical van but one of those vans that you would associate with a kidnapping. All of a sudden a ferocious dog leaped out of the van. In fear, I ran for my life. Remembering that the park was a no pet friendly zone and knowing I was afraid of dogs I froze in confusion. From a distance, I heard my friends call my name and I ran back towards the crowd of other children but watched my surroundings cautiously. When I informed the other children about what I saw they thought it was cool that a dog was on the premises. Seeing a dog on the premises alerted my fear and was noted as strike one in my fear book. I glanced around the park and saw the dog roaming freely without a leash, that was
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In tears, I quickly ran to get help.

Once the medical crew came to assist the child, I suddenly became a witness to the police. They asked me millions of questions pertaining to the attack.
Police: “How long have you been at the park?”
Me: “A couple of hours.”
Police: “Do you know who brought the dog?”
Me: “Well, not necessarily but I can give you description of the vehicle if that would help.”
Police: “Can you give anymore information regarding this situation?” The conversation continued with the police and myself. I noticed animal control coming to the scene to obtain the dog while the ambulance retrieved the child and rushed them to the hospital to give medical attention.
Days later, I saw on the news that the person who had brought the dog to the park had been captured and put into custody. The headline was “Dogs Lives Matter!” The question that was posed allowed for viewers to decipher“If the dog should be able to roam the streets or be sedated.” Also, another question that was stated asked, ”If the owner should be able to roam the streets while having custody over other dogs or be punished with a penalty or

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