Dog Crate Research Paper

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Dogs are often fun to play with, but not all the time. We know that there would come a time that as owners we need to secure our dogs in a safe place away from other people and away from some things for a while till we are done with what we are supposed to do. This is where a dog crate comes in the picture. A dog crate can be used as a kennel for a dog. It is a metal or plastic container that is big enough to house a dog during travel or just to keep the dog at bay.

Another use of a dog crate is during housetraining or house proofing a pet dog. "Crating" a dog refers to placing the dog in the crate while it is being trained.

The ends of crating is pretty clear, but whether crating as a means is the best way seems to cause arguments among dog enthusiasts. Some say it leads the dog defenseless,
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Pet owners need to remember that dogs are social animals and the love being around people. So if you are going to place your dog in a crate, it should be done with people around so the dog is not left alone.

If the dog sees and feels there are people around, it will not associate the crate as a place of isolation. Thus, it will have a positive attitude to the crate and even feel like it is his territory. You know when a dog has a positive attitude towards a dog crate if it will enter the crate on its own without having to be forced into it.

Still, owners should remember that while crating is useful, it can also be harmful to a dog if it is not used or built properly. A dog crate should be proportionate to the size of your pet. Your dog should be able to freely stand, stretch, and turn in the crate.

Finally, crates were made to house dogs temporarily, not for a long while. Leaving a dog inside a closed crate has long term negative effects on the physiological and psychological state. These effects may eventually have an effect on the
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