Dog Descriptive Essay

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The turbulent winds smashed onto my face as i struggled to pull my dog to the cover of the large oak tree. Suddenly, a large gust of wind lifted my dog into the air, snapping her old and tattered leash ! I screamed in horror, as she was flung into the choppy river. I was so stunned that i could only watch in panic as i saw my dogs head bobbing up and down in the water with her paws frantically trying to keep herself afloat ... I am shaken out of my beauty sleep by the sound of my dogs loud bark, and the bright lights which pierced through my eyelids. Drowsily, I open my eyes to see my little dog sitting at the side of my rumpled bed. I look out of the ever so slightly tinted window at the rising sun and wonder to myself why i wake up early to walk my dog. I get out of bed and quickly put on my clothes, as i know that my dog’s shrill bark will prolong. Slowly, I walk over to the the window hoping for a sudden change in the weather but to my dismay it was still a sunny day. The birds happily chirped as they glided through the bright blue sky. As I open the window I feel a slight cool breeze blow against my body. I walk to the front door, put on blue Nike shoes on, clip my dogs rusted leash onto her and stroll out of my house towards the park. It is a very nice and peaceful day at the park. The old oak trees - which border the park - muffle out the sound of the bustling traffic from the busy city. The smooth splashing of the calm river currents furthermore silences the busy
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