Personal Narrative: The Devil Dog

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Charlie As I walk off the bus and start walking through my neighborhood to get to my house I saw a gray haired fat dog run like lightning speed past me. Then I see my mother in the distance mouthing something but I did not understand and as she got closer she yelled, “Get that dog!”. So I dropped my backpack and I ran as fast as I could to try and catch that dog that now that I think about it looks like a seal. I reach a dead end and the seal dog was stuck and I was reaching out to pick him up and he bites my hand really hard. He starts running the opposite way and my mom ends up catching him. We both are super tired and start walking home with that devil dog. She does not realize that that dog bit my hand and when I tell her she freaks out…show more content…
Then she turns around and says, “Surprise! We got a dog!,”. I look at her with a mad kind of happy face then I look at the dog and he’s actually a cute dog. I actually wanted a dog for a while now and now I have one and I think it’s a early christmas present since it’s December 21, 2017.
Later that day we have dinner with my dad, my mom, and me, Charlie was barking at the food the whole entire time it was very annoying but I will have to get used to it. After dinner I went to brush my teeth and I looked down and Charlie was staring right at me. He starts barking and I stop, bring him a toy, and have to play with him for like 10 minutes. By the time I was done it was already 9:57 and I had to be in bed by 9:30, so I went straight to brush my teeth again. I actually finished that time. I started going up the stairs when Charlie started barking at me. I was getting really tired of that dog and it was already 10:01! I pick him up, he did not bite me, and I put him in my room then I go back downstairs and get his bed. When I walk into my room Charlie was not there. I started looking for him and he is in my sleeping parents room. Before he starts barking at them I quickly take him back to my room. I put him on the floor, closed the door before he could run away again, and I look at the time and it’s 10:09! I go lay on my bed and try to sleep but I couldn’t because Charlie was barking at me! I get off my bed and see what he wants. He wanted me to put him on the bed so I do and go lay on my bed and Charlie cuddles up next to me. I peacefully go to sleep and realize that he’s not such a bad dog after
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