Dog Domestication Benefits

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The domestication of dogs has greatly benefited society for a variety of reasons. Firstly, dogs have been proven to be able to be trained as service dogs in order to help those with physical and mental disabilities, such as PTSD, blindness, debilitating chronic illness, etc. These service dogs have increased the quality of life for those who need them and continue to help more people every day as they are more recognized as a successful healing tool. Secondly, having dogs as pets has allowed those who are lonely or unable to have children to have an emotional relationship. Having a dog around allows one to feel as if they have a purpose in the world besides themselves, and also allows for people to generally have something to take care of. This relationship saves lives for those who are on the edge and desperately need something to hold them to the world. Finally, dogs have provided as productive members of society through the police force and hospital service (previously mentioned). Police…show more content…
Scientifically speaking, for most people, being around dogs’ releases serotonin in the brain that causes one to feel happiness and other good feelings. Being able to snuggle and love on a fluffy animal that loves you unconditionally also generally uplifts one’s mood. Having that loving connection with a dog has helped many people get through tough times in life, especially those who have mental illnesses. People who are depressed or anxious benefit greatly from dogs being around because of the natural release of serotonin, but also because of the association between dogs and happiness. Society today heavily associates dogs with being happy and loved, which conditions us to naturally believe that having a dog will make one happy. Service dogs plays a role here as well, because they are specifically trained to help when someone is having a panic attack or is severely

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