Process Essay: Using Food To Train Your Dog

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Using Food to Train Your Dog
Have for once asked yourself if it is cheating or not to be using food when training your dog? Well, you’re not the only one in the practice. Several people seem to be confused about it, but it’s very easy to understand and master.
The topic of this discussion may surprise you, but it makes total sense. It certainly will refute the bulk of what you’ve heard, even though it is not the best practice to be getting tips from other dog owners at the park when you want information about dog training.
When you’re done reading this, both you and your dog will understand and appreciate each other better.
First, let’s examine the comment that if you use food to train your dog, then your dog will obey you only when you have
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Therefore, you won’t need to use several to make them guess it’ll be a big treat every time you call them. Consequently, they will be completely motivated and run whenever you call them.
Without a doubt, a whole sausage may be too much to give to a small dog but you get the hint. It makes using food rewards more exciting and motivating your dog better than the “one dry biscuit” approach.
2. What’s even better than one big sausage?
This second secret about using food reward is based on the first- jackpot, where the sausage was used as a reward. I’m suggesting that you make one whole sausage more attractive to your dog. Are you wondering if you won’t end up giving tow sausages to your dog? That’s simple to do. Simply chop the sausage into few good pieces like four or more.
As soon as your dog gets the jackpot, feed the sausage pieces into their mouth one after the other like it’s Yuletide. It will be incredible for your dog to believe their luck. Getting about four parts is more rewarding than just one whole sausage.
Right now, you have the answer to “What’s even better than one big sausage?;” and that is a whole sausage sliced into four or more
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