Dog Fighting Research Paper

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A Dog’s Life

Dog Fighting: Blue’s Story
Throughout a pup’s life they should be treated with love and care. A dog's life isn’t very long, but while they are here with us they should be treated with the utmost respect. Sadly, not everyone thinks/acts like this. Blue knows this better than any dog.
Blue, a 9-month-old pitbull, was previously owned by dog fighters. Dog fighting is when you take two dogs (normally pitbulls) and their owners rile them up and then put them in a pit about 14-20 feet down and pin them up against one another and let them fight for human entertainment. For the most part they just let them hurt one another (they rarely do it to the death). Blue’s “owner” at the time would chain him up with thick painful metal chains
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It provides food, water and shelter to abandoned, abused or stray dogs/cats, as well as dogs/cats who are in a terrible location. Henry Bergh was the founder of ASPCA in New York in 1866. Henry Bergh started ASPCA in hopes of letting the people see that all animals should be treated with respect and care. Henry Bergh founded ASPCA and devoted his life to helping animals live there life unharmed. Many people heard of his good acts towards helping the lives of dogs/cats around the world and tons of people around the world changed their minds. In fact, he took the first steps in making the very first anti-cruelty act in 1867 along with the help of thousands of supporters. Since 1866 (when ASPCA first began), they have made extreme progress towards improving the lives of pets. They have helped more than 6.5 million dogs/cats and most of those pets have been adopted thanks to ASPCA. They have also brought many people to the realization that dogs/cats are really a girl’s/boy’s best friend and that they should be treated with love. Lastly, ASPCA is very well-known and successful because of how much publicity they have for being an amazing asset to making animals’ lives happy…show more content…
How have they done this? ASPCA has devoted their lives to getting pets off the streets and into permanent homes, “funding and expertise help facilitate tens of thousands of animals adoptions around the country every year,” (ASPCA). Before giving a dog a permanent home, they make sure the owner is stable and can afford everything and give them the appropriate advice to taking care of the pet. In addition, ASPCA sends staff to follow hurricanes to rescue and recover animals that have been injured or lost and grants over $13 million to shelters and organizations. Several animals get injured in some way before arriving at ASPCA. Luckily ASPCA has many field rescues, medical operations, and behavioral treatment. All these methods may need to be used depending on the dogs/cats situation, but no matter how bad the situation is, ASPCA has a way to fix it and will do what is right. ASPCA has been very successful with giving animals a good home and an amazing life, but they would not have been able to do any of that if it weren't for the money and time from volunteers (ASPCA).
All pets should have a great loving home and a kind hearted owner(s) who will treat them with love and care. This organization is extremely important because without ASPCA, first off there would be millions of dogs/cats that would’ve never had

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