Dog Fighting Persuasive Speech

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All you need to do is press three buttons in your phone which are 9,1, and 1 when you see somebody abusing an animal, but to sit there and just watch is wrong and by all means you are just as guilty as the person abusing the animal. Don’t you agree? If you agree I hate to break it to you but there are people who sit, watch, and worst of all enjoy seeing innocent dogs being forced to fight. Dog fighting is a sad sadistic or contest where two dogs specifically bred, and trained to fight are placed in a pit and forced to fight sometimes to the death. Dog fighting goes back to the 1750’s and was legal up until 1866 when Henry Bergh made dog fighting against the law in all 50 states. During the 1800’s dog fighting “a cruel blood sport” was incredibly popular .And today sadly though dog fighting is not as popular in a good way but still a lot of people of people participate in them knowing it’s against the law. (ASPCA) and (Humane…show more content…
Like I said before, dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states but there are many places where it isn’t like Japan, Africa, Russia, and practiced widely in Latin America especially in Argentina and Peru. In America over 9,000 dogs die because of dogfights each year. A shocking case was when a famous football player, Michael Vick was caught dog fighting. He was born and raised in a place where dog fighting was the main sport so he was used to seeing it happen, but nobody thought he would actually participate in one. Michael Vick went to prison for 19 months. Now he says that he feels sorry and regrets what he did, but even though these words may come out of his mouth some people still think that what he did was more than just a crime, that he is a cruel and heartless person. Now Michael Vick is not just a famous football player he is that famous football player who participated in that cruel “sport” dog
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