Dog Fights Persuasive Speech

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Do you consider you dog to be an equal to you in most ways or do you consider him a tool for you to profit from? In medieval times the ¨sport¨ of dog fights were openly permitted and even promoted by the aristocrats even during the colonial time these dog fights were going on but only amongst the lower class. Dog fights are now illegal in the United States.. Dog fights are enjoyed and hated by the people around the world I 'm here to tell you the reasons for both sides by going into how the dogs are raised, how they 're treated in and out of the ring, plus the money and crime factors.

During the 1800ś when dog fights were on the rise many people wanted dogs smaller and just as strong so according to they decided to try
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Most of the dog fights happen in urban cities where there are so many stray dogs that if caught by animal control would be beyond saving so finding dog to put in fights isn’t hard at all. In the more rural areas dogs can be…show more content…
Now i think you can see why dog fights are enjoyed and hated by the people from both sides of the divide from ow they 're raise to how they die. These dogs are born factory style in puppy mills or picked up of the cold street nearly starved only to be put into the ring to possibly die. Puppy mills can be found mostly on the east side in some of the bigger cities (show slide 3). If the dogs survives the grueling trials ahead of them, their survival depends on what kind owner they get one that is in it for the money alone or one that has some humanity left just doing this to get by. From a business perspective the dog fighting ring are a gold mine of untapped potential. Dog fights are illegal in the united states, when government says you can 't do something especially something that 's been embedded into a culture there are always some that will do it for profit or entertainment. Answer me this, how do you get rid of a form of entertainment that has been around since the medieval times, survived the plague, and even crossed the ocean with the
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