Dog Fish Shark Lab Report

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Preparation for the Dissection The Dogfish shark is about 70 inches long and you should notice along the side of the shark there is a light colored horizontal stripe called the lateral line. Made up of a tiny pore that lead to receptors that are very sensitive to the mechanical displacement of water and sudden changes of pressure. You will need tools for this including Latex gloves, yard stick (with centimeters), scalper knife, scissors, probe, and if you have a weak stomach you should wear facemask so the smell won’t be bad. External Anatomy Let’s start with the pectoral fins which are toward the front and side of the Dogfish Shark. The Dogfish has two dorsal fins, you have a anterior or first dorsal fin and a posterior or a second dorsal fin both have spines so look they looked closely and are available to locate them. As they go to the back of the shark the end is called the coddle fin. They turned the shark over to the ventral side. Toward the back of the shark there is fins and they are called the pelvic fin. These will tell you what kind of gender the shark is. One side is just a regular fin and males they have claspers, these are involved in reproduction in delivering the sperm. On a male, they have two claspers. Dogfish sharks are very easy to tell the difference if it’s a female or male. The front part of the shark is basically the nose end of the shark which is known as the rostrum. On the underside of the rostrum you can see the nostrils. They noticed there was two holes, the…show more content…
The large pale colored organ is the stomach. The green thing close to the stomach is actually the gallbladder is a organ involved in digestion. It’s very distinct because you can see the color. The biggest structures you see when open the shark is the liver. The liver has two main lobes, they are right and left lobes. They run along the side of the
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