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They say that dogs are mans best friend but over the years, they have become more part of the family. We make sure they are healthy by taking them to the vet, we take them on walks and make sure they get good amounts of exercise and we make sure they are well fed. Exercise is great for dogs but making sure what they 're eating is good for them is just as important. There are all types of dog food for every kind of size and breed, its all a matter of finding which kind of dog food is right for your furry four legged friend. When you go into a store and you are looking at all the different types of dog food it can get a little over whelming. There is soft food, hard food, food for small breeds and even food that has certain ingredients for older dogs. The brands are also something to look into because you want to make sure that they are reputable and are using the right kind of ingredients for your beloved canine. Beneful is a reputable brand that is made in the united states and was founded in 2001 by Purina.…show more content…
The food Beneful makes comes in a variety of dry foods more commonly known as kibble, wet food and a selection of treats. Beneful uses all raw ingredients approved by the USDA and the FDA abiding by laws that regulate food labeling for humans. They use soy as their main protein, even though the common misconception of dogs being carnivores. Although a dogs wolf ancestor 's diet was made up of 70% meat, dogs now a days are consider omnivores. According to Beneful this creates a better balanced diet and can help a dog live a longer life. Depending on the bread twice as long as their wolf

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