Dog Food Brand Essay

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Many people are bewildered when it comes to choosing dog food brands. The sheer number of products on the market is amazing, leaving the buyer at a loss as to which brand to select. Dogs, just like humans, have specific nutritional needs that have to be met for them to grow healthy. Getting the right dog food brand for your dog will make all the difference.
You can tell that your dog is thriving on a particular brand by judging it’s health. A healthy dog has a healthy skin and coat, bright clear eyes, well developed bones and muscles and healthy teeth and gums. The stool should be firm with no signs of mucus or blood. Giving the right brand of food will result in fewer visits to the vet and longer life for your dog.
How to identify a good
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Sure they might be a tad more expensive but they typically have higher standards with regard to their ingredients and nutritive value. Your dog gets a higher nutritive value by consuming less kibble than the economy brands which reduces costs in the long run. Dogs also need vitamins and minerals to grow well. Check that any minerals in the brand you select are chelated meaning they are easier for the dog to digest and absorb.
In recent times, there has been an increase in raw dog food brands. Most of the people who support raw food for dogs argue that it is the better and natural option for dogs. This means that the dogs are given all the food in raw form as opposed to processed food. Some people have expressed concern that there is a higher likelihood of contacting food borne illnesses from this food. This should not be the case if the raw food is handled correctly. In fact, some dogs do better on the raw food than on processed brands.
When selecting the best brand for your pooch, you ought to do a lot of research before hand to find one that will meet your dog’s needs. Some dogs thrive better on certain brands than others. Whenever you are in doubt, consult a vet to get advice on the best dog food
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