Dog Food Persuasive Essay

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What your dog or puppy eats everyday has the greatest impact of anything on its health. Feeding your canine buddy healthy pet foods is crucial. Unfortunately, most major commercial canned & dry dog food companies create products that are actually very bad for their health. This is one of, if not, the main reasons that our dog's overall health has declined so much since the early 1960's.

One amazing fact is that pets and the people who care for them happen to be the only living things on earth that suffer from degenerative disease such as arthritis, cancer or heart disease. This can be traced back to the realization that people and their pets consume virtually the same type of food! This food is high in fat, bad carbohydrates and sugar.

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Their premium dry dog food follows their "biologically appropriate" philosophy of nutrition.

The reason the top dog food Orijen is free of grains is because, according to veterinarians, the high carbohydrate content of grains leads to obesity and other common health problems in dogs. Your canine's digestive system was not made to digest most types of grains. The major commercial companies began adding grain to their pet foods to increase their profits and save money. Most of the major dog food distributors are just worried about their profits and not worried at all about your dog's health.

The first five ingredients for Orijen Adult, the World's top dog food, are fresh deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potato and fresh deboned pacific salmon (a natural source of DHA and EPA). Notice there aren't any grains, by-products or other questionable things on their ingredient description. Now go compare this to the ingredient list of the pet food you are currently feeding your pooch. This is only 1 reason that the top rated dog food in the World is
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