Dog In The Military Essay

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An MWD being able to help his or her handler with the horrors of on and off the battlefield has played a critical role in modern combat. Soldiers face many challenges and see very many things while overseas, and it is very hard to come home to a normal life after seeing these things. Dogs can be a big help in this situation, but forming a bond first helps a lot. Most bonds between a handler and their dog begins forming while training or even when the pick their dog that they will use overseas. Handlers can see the way certain dogs move around and play with their puppy friends.Often times when handlers pick their dogs, they pick one that resembles them, because they know how someone or something with that personality works, making them more productive as a team. They…show more content…
Many soldiers develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is caused after a traumatic event. Someone encounters mental flashbacks of a traumatic event such as military combat or a violent car crash (Gutierrez et. al.). These flashbacks cause panic or anger attacks that lead to shootings or suicide, and though there is no permanent solution to PTSD, there are many ways to help (Gutierrez et. al.). Dogs give love and attention to their owners or trainers, and this is something that some people with PTSD need to have to stay calm. If the dog and their owner have a bond like a military dog and their handler, than daily life becomes much less threatening for the patient with PTSD. It also helps reduce the symptoms caused by PTSD such as panic attacks. If a person is watching a movie and sees a dog that is shot, they may think about their MWD that could still be overseas. This causes a panic attack inside the theatre which is not good. If the person with PTSD knows that their dog is safe, this gives them much greater

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