Dog Interview Essay

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For this essay I decided to interview Brenda Braun who works at Peninsula Veterinary Service in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.Brenda has been working at Peninsula for 10 years,but as a Veterinary Technician for 17 years.I got a chance to talk to her over the phone about her experiences working with animals and the people that own them. Having so many years of experience means Brenda has seen some interesting cases.One recent case that she was telling me about was one where this woman thought that her dog could see ghosts.Brenda said that the woman was all worked up because she thought the dog could be harmed in some way because of its “gift”.Brenda told me, “This woman comes in with her dog saying that it can see ghosts,and we didn’t want to tell her that she was nuts so we just examined the dog.” She also tells me how she has seen some of the weirdest thing eaten by animals, from underwear to tennis balls, she isn’t…show more content…
Brenda has been working a long time in this field seeing many crazy things and helping out with many patients.To be a Veterinary Technician you for sure need the drive for it, along with a strong stomach.Like Brenda,you also need to have that love for animals and that knowledge that,you may cry,but you also understand that it’s the best thing for the animal.Overall I think she was a great example of what being a Veterinary Technician is
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