Dog Meat Trade In Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country with a high diversity Flora and Fauna, not only lots of different kinds of flora and fauna but Indonesia has a high domestic dog population.
Every year, millions of dogs are captured and then being transported throughout Indonesia to fulfill the demand of dog meat, lots of dog that are being captured are family dog or pet and stray dog.
Even though only minority of Indonesia that has consumed dog meat, and only some people that relay their income in dog meat trade, dog meat trade still become a concern in Indonesia, because there’s a market in North Sulawesi it’s called by Pasar Tomohon (Tomohon Market) that doing some kind of cruelty before sell the dog meat by hit the dog, put them in a cramped cage and even burn them
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TripAdvisor explained that they do not allow the listing of establishments such as markets whose “primary purpose involves the harming or killing of either endangered species or captive animals”, in this case dogs and cats for human consumption. The same would apply to all live animal markets where animals are slaughtered.
The trading action of Dog Meat could lead to lots of problems:
1. Dog meat trade is one of the source of the Rabies to spread 1
Rabies is a Preventable Viral disease of mammals most often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. In the developing world dog bites are still the commonest cause of rabies 1.
In countries where rabies is endemic (Including Indonesia) , stray dogs account for more than 90% of human rabies exposures, especially among 5-14 years old children in rural or peri-urban areas 8-1-3 Rabies elimination programs focused mainly on mass vaccination of dogs are largely justified by the future savings of human rabies prevention programs, and the World Health Organization (WHO) promotes mass dog vaccination campaigns and “controlling trade in and movements of dogs” as key components for dog rabies control and eventual elimination.
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After look at the five freedoms, we can see that things that happen in Tomohon Market are breaking the Five Freedom. In the video you can see that the dogs were trembling and look scared and stressed, and when the dogs get hit, they will be painfull and make them sick.
In Pasar Tomohon, they didn’t only sell dog meat; they also sell some kind of wild animal. In 2017, found that there are some kinds of wild animal that sold there, among others are Wild Boars, Wild Rats, Phyton, and Bats and some people even said that sometimes they sold Anoa, Black macaque and Babirusa. 6
The conclusion is there are lots of thing out of our sight that actually has a big impact in so many sector, it’s just in Pasar Tomohon in North Sulawesi that somehow happen a horrible things there, we don’t know yet maybe at the other market, the other places, something happen too, and doesn’t close the possibility that some kind of secret happen out

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