Dog Of Pompeii Analysis

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“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” Amazing quote, right? Has anyone read the book Wonder or “Dog of Pompeii”, maybe both. Have you ever wondered how these two different stories could ever be similar? Yes, these two different stories can be similar. Read on to find out the differences and the similarities between Wonder and “Dog Of Pompeii” while thinking about theme the whole time. In Wonder by R.J. Palacio and “Dog Of Pompeii” by Louis Untermeyer, the authors show the same theme. Both texts have a theme of loyalty to them. In Wonder, Jack and Summer have to stay loyal to Auggie even though people go against them. In “Dog of Pompeii”, Bimbo has to stay loyal to Tito even though he is blind. The authors of Wonder and “Dog Of Pompeii” both use sensory details and characters actions/thoughts to convey a theme which is to stay loyal to a person no matter what, as they say, together through thick and thin.The author of Wonder gives sensory details and characters action and thoughts to tell us the theme. This asserts some evidence from Wonder, “Some kids have actually come out and asked me why I hang out with the freak so much. These are kids that don't even know him well. If they knew him, they wouldn't call him that. Because he's…show more content…
He just wasn’t a dog, he was everything to Tito. That is how strong their friendship was. Bimbo would also protect Tito because it says that Bimbo had his muscles ready for action. This shows that Bimbo and Tito were loyal to each other and that Bimbo was ready to leap into action for Tito because Tito was blind and was his friend. Bimbo would lead Tito everywhere because Tito didn’t have parents to take care of him. From when Tito is hungry to guiding Tito, Bimbo helped Tito live happily even if it costed him his own life to do so. Bimbo died probably trying to save
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