Dog Park Research Paper

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As we can see people get complain for their dog at home from other apartment building , they need for dog park. As i support this idea, i dog park is needed for everyone who loves dog. Dogs ar very faithful animal. Human loves dog but somethimes who lives in apartment building have not get space much for their dogs. People often go to park for exercise and those time they can put their dog in dog park. It 's also benefinial for human because in dog park dog is secure and more comfortable with other dogs. If they make a good relationship with other dog it 's not going to attack on other dogs.
My cousin hava a cute dog but he lives in a apartment building. He has not much place to playing with his dog or If the goes to park sometimes his dog behave weird when see any stranger person or unfimiliar dogs. So if a dog park is establish near his apartment building or in a public park it will comfortable for him to see people and dogs.
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Also it 's prevent dog owners to let their dog walk alone so Alone dogs can attack on any stanger and other dog and run free and get hit by cars. So it 's quite comfortable and peace to let the dog at dog park. Also it 's benefinical for property because some people love to live dog park any if they find a fine place near dog park they will buy it. So it 's rise the property value. Also ASPCA reports that beacuse of build dog park in New York City dog off-leash in dog park nad dog bites report went from 40,000 to 4,000 per year which is impressive. And this report shows how good to build a dog park.
After all of this report i suggest that every city counsil should build dog parks because it 's help the pet owner rise the dog more perfect and comfortable way, they can let their dog to dog park which make the dog bahave more perfect and
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