Dog Parks Research Paper

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Dog parks are a great idea for all cities.Dog bites will go down.Property value would increase.Rules should be put in place to respct the part of the community that is against it and to insure the dog park is safe.A community vote should take place just to make it fair to build a dog park.

Dog parks in the city are a great idea for everyone who owns a dog.According to the (ASPCA) a dog that does not get enough exercise is more likely to act out such as barking,biting,and destroying things at home and a dog park would put a decrease in those numbers .People who don not have the area to exercise ther dog propely such as people who live in a small area such as a aparment or a condo haveing a dog park would allow them a place to exercise there dog to help these
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A dog park should have strict rules to keep everyone safe. Also to respect the ones who do not want the dog park.All dogs should have a muzzle on at all times.This will prevent dogs bites.Also it would prevent the dogs from barking so it would not disturb the community.

A community vote should take place before building a dog park.It is very expensive to build a dog park.So to be fair since the tax payers have to pay for that reason there should be a vote.There should also be a vote on the rules so everything becomes legal and respects the community.

Those are my reason why i think a dog park in the city is a good value would go up.Rules could be added to insure everyones safety.Also to keep everything fair and equal a community vote should take place to keep everything
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