Dog-Personal Narrative

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I had always wanted to get a dog when I was little. I assumed my parents thought that I couldn 't handle it. But that was not the case. My parents thought it was about the time for me to have some responsibility. So they let me get a dog for my birthday. It was one of the best days of my life.

I thought it would be just another average day after school. Little did I know that I would have some news awaiting me in the white truck. "How was your day Dub?" asked my almost hairless father after he picked me up.

"It was all right. How was yours?"

"I had a busy day. Thanks for asking. But I also had some news."

"What is it?"

"Well your birthday is coming up so me and your mom thought it was about time you had some responsibility."

"Are you saying I 'm getting a little dog?!"

"We 'll just have to wait and find out won 't we?"

"Ugh, I suppose we will."

After I had received the news of the possible dog I had to start thinking of names for
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"Snowball?" I suggested.

"Nope!" Fired back my dad obnoxiously.




"Heck no."


"How about Buckshot?"

"Dad that 's the one good idea you 've had in a longggggg time."

After listening to my dad scream no loudly for 10 minutes we decided on Buckshot as the name for the new dog, now that 's some progress.

The time had finally come to go to the quiet little dog place for the final time(we had gone two times before to get an idea of what we are looking for).Once we had arrived I already knew which dog I wanted a little black,white,and grey dog named Muggles(His name would later be changed to Buckshot).We had done it I had a crazy little dog and I was extremely happy.

Every time I think of that day it still puts a small grin on my face. Getting a dog has changed me so much. I 'm a more social person than I was before. I 've also learned and gained more responsibility. Since then I 've gotten two more crazy dogs I both love as well but smelly Buck still has the number 1 place in my
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