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The StRamp pet ramp by Pet Gear
If your dog has problems jumping on and off your coach or bed, you might want to consider this Pet Gear dog ramp. Users love that the ramp is light and very easy to assemble. However, some do note that it might be too steep for some dogs. With a weigh capacity of 150 lbs and rubber on the bottom to prevent it from sliding, this bedside ramp for dogs has a carpeted tread surface that could be removed and washed in your washing machine. It has a size of 16"x 16" x 28", a stair rise of five inches and a weight of 11 lbs. As a whole, a good choice if you are looking for a compact pet bed ramp.
One buyer comments that her 7-pound Maltese goes up and down the Pet Gear dog ramp without any problems. The reviewer also
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Users love the size and height of the dog ramp and the fact that it can be folded. However, some do note that carpet covering is thin and doesn’t cover the edges. With a size of 56"x16"x23" and a weight capacity of 200-pounds, this pet ramp for high beds has raised edges to prevent slipping and a rubberized bottom, so it won’t slide off your floor. The carpet cover is removable and can be easily washed in a mashing machine. Overall, it seems like a high-quality product.
One user shares that the bedside dog ramp perfectly matches the height of her bed and her dog doesn’t have to leap from the top to reach the bed. Another customer comments that he uses the tall dog ramp get his 110 lb German shepherd in his car and he would definitely recommend for people with heavy dogs. A satisfied buyer states that this pet ramp for high beds is sturdy, easy to assemble and store when you don’t need it and the carpet still looks like new even though her dogs use it regularly. However, most customers complain that the carpet covering is too thin and their dog would slide on the way down. Some also have noted that since the support brace is only on one side, they had problems using it as a free-standing

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