Dog Star Narrator

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Dog Star’s Narrator A character without a name may have some hidden character traits. Maybe they would have some secret regrets, such as the narrator in Dog Star written by Arthur Clarke. Although his name is never mentioned, he did express his flawed character traits. He was compassionate, contritely,and introverted. Not everyone is entitled to be treated with empathy, but the narrator looked past that and was very empathetic. His own words were, “I found her a lost, lonely ball of fluff … though I have never liked dogs, or indeed any animals, it was impossible to leave this helpless little creature…”(46) When he came along his future dog Laika, he was somewhat gullible and he decided to help this dog he had never met. He has shown many…show more content…
After departing Laika it became worse, “I became less and less interested in human company, without being actively unsocial or misanthropic” (48) He admitted that he is not a social person, and he does not like human conversation and contact, since he had left his best friend Laika. The narrator expresses that he regrets the decision he made towards the resolution of the story, He said “I have deserted someone who loved and trusted me, and I was no better than those who had originally abandoned Laika” (50) He feels remorseful, he now felt that the decision he had made by leaving Laika was the wrong decision. This “haunted” him later on “Then why had it come back to haunt me, five years later, on the far side of the Moon?” (51) after five years his decision to leave his dog, Laika alone on Earth while he went to the moon. He expresses that he feels regret because he left someone that “loved and trusted” him. This is how the narrator is compassionate, introverted, and remorseful. Although some of these characteristics may seem negative, but the narrator from Dogstar is a good, well-rounded person that regrets his
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