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Why Does My Canine Need Professional Dog Training?
Training your dog is the foundational building block for healthy relationships, both pet to people and pet to pet. Canines who are well-trained are a joy to be around and generally welcomed at family gatherings, public social events and pet parks. On the other side of the coin you will find the neighborhood bullies, the dreaded three-in-the-morning-yapping-at-shadows irritant and the pint-sized ankle biter. What differentiates the two groups, along with personality and home environmental factors, is training.
The staff at Rainbow Veterinary Hospital knows that giving your pet a stable upbringing that includes citizenship lessons opens doors of opportunity for your canine companion. That’s why we endorse Los Angeles based Karma Pet Training, a member in good standing of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
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Are there age requirements?
A. Puppies as young as eight weeks old benefit from kindergarten classes. Getting your youngster comfortable around non-family members helps relieve stress that often produces negative behaviors. No canine is too old, or too damaged, to benefit from our Zen-like approach to coaching.
Q. What kind of training tools do you use?
A. Karma philosophy mandates we treat all animals with respect and gentleness. Our methods lift the spirit with positive reinforcement and not traditional training techniques that involve harsh noises that hurt the ears or choke chains that use pain as a negative sanction.
Q. Why do you start with basic training?
A. Basic training introduces pets to new concepts and surroundings. Strong communication skills are essential for pets’ safety and security. After completing a basic training course, you will be able to exchange key concepts and ideas with your pet efficiently, which makes behavior modification coaching more productive.
He or she will understand and respond to the following voice cues and hand signals:
• Come
• Stay
• Down
• Heel
• Leave

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