Dogcat Research Paper

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I was in the woods and found a new type of animal I called it a dogcat because it looked liked a dog and a cat mixed together. I took it home and I fed it some food. It was nice and it wasn 't mean. It liked to stay at my house and I had fun playing with it. And then a zoo wanted me to give the dogcat to the and they would give me 5,000,000$ for the dogcat and I gave the dogcat to them And they would pay me the money that people pay to see the dogcat. So one day I went to see him at the zoo and he was all grown up. He looked weird when He was grown up. He was the rarest animal in the world. I was rich with all the money I was getting from that animal. People would pay 100 dollars to see him and I would get all the money. I missed the dogcat
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