Dogma 95 Synthesis

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Introduction More possibilities of visuality are observed these days through special digital effects that are used in the films. These visualities and special digital effects are surprising the audience. These technological advancements are not something new within the cinema industry as an art. Cinema has always been an art, which stood and grew through the technology. However, even from the time of entrance of the first experimental movie, distinct groups had a contradictory attitude towards the situation. The most significant contrary groups belonged to the groups of American Underground Cinema, French New Wave, and New German Cinema (Yolcu, 2006). Dogme 95 or Dogma 95, was originated in 1995, and has a similar approach towards…show more content…
There is a precise distinction between the two concepts. Considering the criticism of American Underground, New German Cinema and New Wave, Dogma can be considered as a fake. However, considering from the perspective of its makers, Dogma is a dynamic movement. The movies of Steven Spielberg held over the cinema as an auteur kick and became an initiation of American Cinema movies that were driven by special effects. This was a nonstop success of Spielberg’s vision in terms of economic policy and gave rise to a novel mode of heightened cinema. The present dissertation tries to find out the influence of Dogma 95 on Steven Spielberg (Economist,…show more content…
Steven Spielberg is known to be Hollywood’s popular director and is considered in the wealthiest filmmakers worldwide. Steven Spielberg has incalculable big-grossing, credits, which have their names entailed in the list of critically acclaimed as a writer, director, and producer (Lewis & Smoodin, 2007). The first-ever directorial approach of Spielberg was The Sugarland Express released in 1974 along with Goldie Hawn, a film that turned him into a rising star. His third effort “Jaws” however, was the one, which made him an acknowledged international star among famous directors in 1975. This classic tale of shark attack initiated the summer blockbuster tradition and listed as number in the list of the

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