Personal Narrative Essay: A Short Story Of A Dog

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“Slam” I heard my mom coming in. But instead of us leaping to her she came bursting to us I didn’t know what was going on until. She shouted out in excitement and told us…. “Dogs for sale!” she yelled As soon as I heard that I went wild I was like a dog trying to bite his tail. I sprinted to my dad outside to tell him the news about a dog for sale. At first he was just staring at me like I was a zombie but then he sunk it in and told my mom if it was true she told him it was true and to go get the dog before someone else gets him. All of us kids were listening and all said together “PLEASE CAN WE GET HIM” I thought to myself he has to get him now or my younger sister and brother will cry there sadness away my mom finally convinced him to get the dog but someone had to go with him and that someone was me so I ran to his truck and told him to hurry because I didn’t want the dog to be gone. Soon after we got a little closer that’s when a bomb when off we were like to cats fighting over a piece off thick salmon but instead of salmon we were fighting over where the dogs…show more content…
While my dad was filling out the paper works I was petting the dog we were getting I looked at his papers it said his name was Red. After what felt like forever my dad was done and we could take Red but there was one problem we didn’t know how to get him home but than my dad said “Get in the back with him” I was like no way but if I needed to show him that I was committed to having a dog sure ill do it and guess what is was easy by the time we got home every one was crowding around red my dad finally came up with a name “Max” it was perfect we went through all the trouble but besides going through the trouble to get him It was worth

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