Dogville: Subjective Feelings And Ideas

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Yes, I do believe that that Dogville is an exploration of subjective feelings and ideas. Which it all comes down to Tom and his ideas. I believe that Tom took advantage of Grace’s current need and issues for his own gain. Yes, he confessed to Grace that he was in love with her on fourth of July and she thought she felt the same way too. But how can a man in love let Grace go through all the things she had to go through. All the chores/labor she had to do, basically working herself to death with no time forself, just to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Grace put so much trust in Tom, that she agreed to whatever he thought was best and wanted. Tom was a good manipulator and everyone in town fell for what his Mr. Do Right attitude, because he…show more content…
That he would and did everything in his power to keep her around. On Chapter 7, after Grace tried to leave town by paying Ben for a ride to take her away from the Dogville. Instead Grace was raped by Ben and then brought back to Dogville. Then Tom stole the money that Grace paid Ben with so she could stay and protect her, in his mind that was what he was doing protecting her. That thief was blamed on Grace, which in return she became the town slave and was free to be raped when wanted. Later in the film the truth came out, but the towns people were too embarrassed and they pushed to get rid of her. Tom came and told her to gain her trust back, but she ended up being raped by Tom again.

By the end of the film when Grace finally was pushed to live town we find out she was actually not in trouble with the mobster, she was a daughter of the main mobster. She left because she didn’t agree with their life choice, which got her in deeper pain by being in Dogville. In the end when Grace finally told her dad what happened and Dogville was destroyed and everone murdered. Then Tom was save for last and shot by Grace herself, that is scene where Grace got her revenge. I think that is the most powerful scene of the film, because Grace got her revenge and the townspeople deserved everything they god after what they have put her through. Speaking of what Grace could have been feeling of
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