Doing The Right Thing In Huck Finn

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Children have a hard time of knowing what the difference is between doing the right thing and the wrong thing. Children grow up and are taught one way to live their lives. They are taught by parents/ guardians or how they have seen people act in the outside world. Children see the way people act so they think that it is ok to act the same way. An example of a child growing up in the world thinking there is only one appropriate way to do the right thing is Huck Finn. In the novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain, Huck has a hard time realizing that in order to make himself happy, he needs to do things he was taught not to do. For example Jim and Huck meet and decide to run away together, never in a million years did Huck think he was going to help a runaway slave. Throughout his adventure, Huck realizes that everything he thought might be wrong, so he chooses what he thinks is right.
Mark Twain used an emphasis on showing the difference between right and wrong in an adults point of view, and a child 's point of view. For example, Twain uses Pap to show how you are not supposed to act, Widow douglas to show Huck a little more discipline, and Huck himself because he is trying to look up to people that he surrounds himself with and see what they are doing. Pap is a drunk who abandoned Huck and only wants to see him because huck had come into some money, and Pap wants to take it from him, “That 's why I came… You git me that money,” (29). Pap doesn 't care
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