Dolicious Donut Research Paper

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Doughnuts anyone? A doughnut which is covered with 24-karat gold flakes and sugar diamonds is now being sold in a bakeshop in West Kelowna, Canada. As posted by Oddity Central, Dolicious Donut's culinary masterpiece, Donutopia, are made with the finest ingredients including Bling H2O water which is worth $39. Also, the procedure of making one is not that easy. “Each one takes three to five hours to make,” disclosed Jeanne Kaminski, co-owner of Dolicious Donuts. The owners were inspired by a loyal customer who wanted to use one of their creations to propose to his girlfriend. The man asked for a cream-filled Bismarck dougnut which will be the "pillow" where he will put the engagement ring. The doughnut makers decided to make him something which is really impressive. The first Donutopia got a positive feedback so they decided to include it on the menu.…show more content…
Flavors dancing around on my taste buds like it was a disco party! Mhmm! Worth it for sure," James Daly, who purchased the first one, commented on the photo shared by Dolicious Donut's Facebook page. Basically, Global News shared, the $100 dessert is made of 24 carat gold, diamonds, chocolate aged balsamic vinegar, ice wine, with some "top secret ingredients." All the ingredients are edible. Co-owner Christopher Cruz said he wanted to produce a doughnut that’s unique and here it is. “The reason behind it is I don’t think it’s been done — not that we know of. So it’s most likely B.C.’s only $100 doughnut, possibly Canada’s only $100 doughnut,” he said. A customer who want to buy the doughnut, Cruz said, should order the food 24 hours in advance. Moreover, a spokesperson from the Dolicious Donut said all the proceeds from sales of the $100 doughnut will be used in setting up a soup kitchen in West
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