Dollar Bill Persuasive Speech

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The United States dollar is one of the most respectable and valuable forms of money in the world. And along with this respectability, the U.S. dollar also has an extremely intricate history. Before and after when the nation was first forming, American colonists/citizens used a form of money called continental currency. Over time this forms of money enveloped much of the common bills we see today, such as the popular 10$ bill. As each new bill was honored by someone in recent history (Of the notes creation, not our recent history), not many people of the female gender or people of different backgrounds have been put on a mainstream, popular bill such as the 20$ bill. That however, is going to change for the better, as Harriet Tubman is being honored on the back of the 20$ bill. I support the U.S. updating and changing the people and monuments displayed on dollar bills for two reasons; first due to America's…show more content…
As our nation progresses further and further in our history, we need to start recognizing today's and the recent decades most important people. In recent times, many of our greatest role models have happened to be of of ethnicities or genders of the typical Caucasian male that has traditionally been recognized on any bill. This needs to change to better represent both American history, and all others who are not a white male. America is often coined as the melting pot of the world, and with such a title comes a lot of different backgrounds. Currently, the most populous ethnic group in America is Latin American. However, many other ethnic groups have had important and inspiring roles in making America a staple for equality and fairness. Until this project was reveled, no one has been on a mainstream bill that was of any ethnicity other than Caucasian. Harriet Tubman on the 20$ bill, would recognize and honor both African Americans and
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